Bürgercampus: Tent Upcycling Workshop

(»Workshop zum Recyceln von Zelten«)

Hunderte Zelte werden verstörenderweise nach Musikfestivals zurückgelassen und erhöhen so Jahr für Jahr den Müllberg. Das Projekt »Belfast Rain« recycelt solche Zelte, indem es aus ihnen regenabweisende Röcke herstellt. Die Gründer von Belfast Rain versuchen mit ihrem Projekt, eine Balance zwischen dem Künstler- und dem Hersteller- bzw. Technikerdasein zu erreichen: einen Zugang zu Arbeit zu finden um damit den Lebensunterhalt zu bestreiten – nützlich zu sein. In Berlin werden Joanna Karolini und Eimear Quiery einen Marktstand aufbauen und darin einen offenen Näh-Workshop anbieten.

Der Unkostenbeitrag von 35,- Euro für einen Rain Skirt und 5,- Euro für kleinere Arbeiten kommt den Initiatorinnen, Joanna Karolini und Eimear Quiery, zu Gute.

Eine Künstlerpräsentation findet am 04. Oktober um 15 Uhr in der Markthalle statt.

in english:

Hundreds of tents are disturbingly left behind after music festivals, topping up the landfill year after year. Belfast Rain Skirts upcycles reclaimed tents.

The first Belfast Rain Skirts were launched on a very sunny Mayday 2009 in Belfast - seven bespoke skirts made from different tents using the original features to perform new functions. The tent fabric is colourful, lightweight, water resistant and wind sheltering - a perfect alternative to awkward and unflattering rain trousers when sudden rain showers descends while one is cycling, hiking or going to festivals and on an everyday basis.
Over the last 3 years Belfast Rain Skirts has taken part in numerous music and cycling festivals promoting upcycling and the almost lost skill and know-how of using sewing machines: “Electric Picnic”, “Cork Cycling Festival”, “Glastonbury” to mention a few music festivals.
A mobile tent upcycling sewing workshop has been facilitating sewing workshops and encouraging people to create rather than to dispose.
To date 400 bespoke rainskirts and rain hats have been made. They are worn in Ireland, England, Scotland, Holland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Scandinavia, America, Canada and Australia.
Our definition of Upcycling is: To change the form and function and increase the value of the material that is used.

The intention now is to expand our network further and look to other projects and networks internationally, starting in Berlin as part of the Citizen Art Days: a dual process of modeling practice and engagement at home and seeking out other practitioners elsewhere.
There is also an wish to pass on the project, to bring it to people and make a gift of it to anyone who wants to receive. In coming to Berlin, the focus would be on presenting the project in its current state and engaging in research and conversation with the local citizens.

The direction the Belfast Rain Skirts has taken recently is to open the studio and engage with other makers, community groups and individuals. It has so far been a social entrepreneurial project, but the realization is that the generating of cashflow is not the primary goal, rather it is about engagement and exchange.
Belfast Rain Skirts has worked with and been supported by a network of individuals and groups across Belfast and Ireland: Lawrence Street Workshops; Tools for Solidarity; Women’s Tec; UnLtd; Cork Cycling Festival; Weaver’s Court; Greencrafts Ireland; Mediation NI; Lilly Put (Laundries); St George’s Market; UlsterFolk.com; Play Resource Belfast, Sustrans…


Freitag, 04. Oktober 2013 : 11:00 - 18:00

Samstag, 05. Oktober 2013 : 11:00 - 18:00


Markthalle Neun

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