• CAD market place #4 - University of the Trees - Berlin

    CAD market place #4 - University of the Trees - Berlin

    CAD invites you to an intensive University of the Trees programm from 9 – 14 June in Berlin, facilitated by Shelley Sacks. UoT is an on-going platform for working with social sculpture understandings and practices in the field of human-nature interactions, transformative education, and creative, cultural action.

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  • CAD Bangalore

    CAD Bangalore

    During the Interim at the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore, Parallel Worlds together with three groups of students explored the public sphere by means of artistic strategies picking out three different fields as a central theme: economy, togetherness and sustainability.

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  • CAD 2013

    CAD 2013

    For ten days the space of Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg, usually not used for art and with a low threshold, is open for exchange, workshops and performances as well as installations and presentations around the topic of 2013 which is practiced post growth economy.

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  • CAD Spot

    CAD Spot

    In the context of the congress »Bundeskongresses politische Bildung 2012 - Zeitalter der Partizipation« Citizen Art Days presented at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin short-term contributions in form of a so called spot.

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  • CAD 2012

    CAD 2012

    From February 19 to 26, 2012, the »Citizen Art Days pilot« project took place in Berlin’s public space and the Freies Museum Berlin. At Citizen Art Days artists and urban actors examined Berlin’s public space together with interested citizens using artistic strategies and developing concrete projects.

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  • CAD Lectures

    CAD Lectures

    An increasing interest of citizens worldwide to participate in community processes can be observed. But it is accompanied by a limited repertoire of participation’s forms. The Citizen Art Days are based on the conviction that art projects, which are realized by citizens, artists and urban actors together, are an appropriate approach to counteract negative developments.

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  • Initiators


    The Berlin-based artist group »Parallele Welten« consisting of Stefan Krüskemper, María Linares and Kerstin Polzin, works on developing and designing unique project formats with external partners. The objective is the joint development and participatory formation of ideal (art-)spaces, providing all participants with expanded opportunities to experiment and design.

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Citizen Art Days

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Cititzen Art Days means:

Actively participate in the shaping of your city. Develop creative projects together with renowned artists. Contribute your own ideas on important issues of today. Share experiences and inspire each other.

Citizen Art Days offers:

Workshops, lectures, discussions and city explorations by and with artists and for anyone interested. Creative work and exchange. Subjects are: economy, sustainability and interaction in public space in Berlin.

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