Citizens Campus Mentorship

Susanne Bosch

Citizens are the driving force for change and the experts of their everyday life and they are also those who can offer the most creative and sometimes sustainable ideas for their personal environment. For me, the "Citizens Campus" is an intervention of citizens aiming at the sustainable changing of the urban environment. The civil campus for me stands for the idea of a "social organism" where spirituality, openness, creativity and imagination, which are already existent in everyone of us, can flourish. These skills only need to be recognized, trained and promoted. The "Citizens Campus" can thus be regarded as a kind of support program for these skills.

I’m looking forward to supporting the realization and specification of these ideas.

To the "Citizens Campus" projects

The Citizen Art Days 2013 will take place from September, 27th to October, 6th 2013. Please note that the program is not yet finally fixed. Exact dates for the various events will be announced.


Friday, 27. September 2013 - Sunday, 06. October 2013