Sigune von Osten

Musicircus is an idea related to public space of ​​the composer, visual artist, poet, philosopher, Zen follower and mushroom expert John Cage. It consists of a single phrase with instructions and the announcement of the time and place for those who would like to participate in an artistic performance at the same time in the same place together with others. It is nothing less than an organized chaos and the dissolution of boundaries, the interaction between arts and everyday life.

The internationally known singer and music artist Sigune von Osten, who knew Cage personally, will create her Musicircus on the occasion of this year’s Citizen Art Days in Berlin and direct all contributors.

The Citizen Art Days 2013 will take place from September, 27th to October, 6th 2013. Please note that the program is not yet finally fixed. Exact dates for the various events will be announced.


Saturday, 28. September 2013 : 18:00 - 20:00

Sunday, 29. September 2013 : 16:00 - 18:00


Markthalle Neuen

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