CAD Spot

The Citizen Art Days (CAD) are developed by the in Berlin based artist team »Parallel Worlds« consisting of Stefan Krüskemper (GER) María Linares (COL) Kerstin Polzin (GER). The first edition of the CADs took place in February 2012 at the Free Museum Berlin and 2013 in September at the Markthalle Neun in Berlin Kreuzberg as well as in the public space.

The public space is the place where interaction, social communication and democracy take place. An increasing interest of citizens worldwide to participate in community processes can be observed. But it is accompanied by a limited repertoire of participation’s forms, a lack of understanding between involved actors, an increasing isolation of living environments and the drifting apart of different living conditions. The Citizen Art Days are based on the conviction that art projects, which are realized by citizens, artists and urban actors together, are an appropriate approach to counteract those negative developments.

On May the 23th the Citizen Art Days are going to be presented during the 12. Bundeskongresses Politische Bildung »Zeitalter der Partizipation« (12th Federal Congress of Political Education "Age of Participation"), taking place in the public space, at the central Berlin’s square Alexanderplatz.

Six Earth Forum participants, who joined the training sessions in February, are going to lead three parallel outdoor Earth Forums. Karsten Michael Drohsel provides a city excursion in the footsteps of Flanerie, following the example of Walter Benjamin and Franz Hessel. Further short workshops by Juliane Wedell on shadow economy, Stephanie Hanna on senior street art, Superconstellation on partaking and parting and María Linares on legal/illegal complete the program. Michael Betzner-Brandt closes the CAD – Spot leading an Ich-kann-nicht-singen (“I can’t sing”) choir in cooperation with Salam Yousry, Head of the Cairo complaint choir.

Documentation: YouTube Video

Mittwoch,23 Mai2012

9:30 - 12:00
Earth Foren: Shelley Sacks
Es finden parallel drei Earth Foren mit bis zu 10 Teilnehmern statt. Das Earth Forum ist ein (...)

12:30 - 13:30
Senior Street Art: Stephanie Hanna
Mit dem Projekt »Senior Street Art« bietet die bildende Künstlerin Stephanie Hanna insbesondere (...)

12:30 - 13:30
Rückkehr zu den Ursprüngen der Flanerie: Karsten Michael Drohsel
Vertraute Fremdkörper Shopping Center, das neuzeitliche Pendant zu den historischen Passagen, (...)

12:30 - 13:30
Kleingeld oder kein Geld : Juliane Wedell
In »Kleingeld oder kein Geld« Schattenwirtschaft als urbane Überlebenstrategie stellt die (...)

12:30 - 13:30
Teilhabe -Teilen: Kerstin Polzin , Stefan Krüskemper
Teilhabe -Teilen Praktischer Ansatz der Intervention »Superconstellation« der Forschungsgruppe (...)

12:30 - 13:30
Schwarzarbeiter: María Linares
Die Kunstaktion »Schwarzarbeiter« findet zu den Citizen Art Days - Spot statt. Sebastiaõ kommt (...)

14:00 - 15:00
Ich kann nicht singen-Chor: Michael Betzner-Brandt
Auf dem Alexanderplatz wird ein »Ich kann nicht singen-Chor« stattfinden. Michael Betzner-Brandt (...)