Citizen Art Days provides a platform for renowned artists and urban actors, together with interested members of the public, to examine Berlin’s public space using artistic strategies. Growing segregation within the social space provides for the erosion of the "public space" as a location for social communication and democratic process.

Following the belief that artistic approaches represent a suitable starting-off point to confront these developments creatively and formulate self-developed standards, standards are developed and concrete projects implemented in a series of workshops. Thematic issues discussed include, among others, the economy, sustainability and interaction in the public space.

The public space is the place where interaction, social communication and democracy take place. An increasing interest of citizens worldwide to participate in community processes can be observed. But it is accompanied by a limited repertoire of participation’s forms, a lack of understanding between involved actors, an increasing isolation of living environments and the drifting apart of different living conditions. The Citizen Art Days are based on the conviction that art projects, which are realized by citizens, artists and urban actors together, are an appropriate approach to counteract those negative developments.

Citizen Art Days means:
Shape / Design / Create your city actively. Develope creative projects with well-known artist. Contribute own ideas concerning important matters /issues of today. Share experiences and inspire each other/one another!

Citizen Art Days offers: 
Workshops, lectures, discussions and city excursions with and from artists for all interested people/ for all who are interested. Creative work and exchange. The topics are: economy, sustainability and living together in the public space of Berlin.